Croatian designer Kristina Burja, who is behind the name Krie Design, presented a new collection in a spectacular location – the August Forum, which is otherwise closed to the public. The designer got this unique opportunity thanks to Green Fashion Week, a fashion event that has UN support in promoting sustainable development in the fashion industry.

Fashion designer Kristina Burja has been holding fashion shows around the world for two years as part of this international, commendable eco-project presented to the media this season at Hadrian’s Temple in Rome, where Kristina, as a Croatian representative, participated in a panel on sustainable development in the fashion industry, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of the Environment.

Krie Design collections are produced following the assumptions for sustainable development, and Kristina’s creations prove that with a lot of creativity and smart use of resources, a collection can be created that delights fashionistas with details and statement pieces that dominate the new collection.

“This was my dream, to hold a fashion show in such an environment that awakens awe and imagination about some ancient times. Although this is the second show I am holding in Rome, this one is really special for me. We also managed to take beautiful photos for the campaign, using marble fragments and monumental stairs as a backdrop. You will soon see the result of this unique experience. ”

Kristina is always faithful to her fashion expression, which this season she enriched with details reminiscent of the 1980s, and used green as the collection’s accent, along with eternal black.

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