Krie Design, one of the most prominent Croatian fashion brands was founded by Kristina Burja in 2008.

It became well-known, locally, and globally for its distinctive design, specific model cuts, handmade applications, a unique designer signature visible in every collection.

The brand philosophy is based on the creation of unique street-smart fashion, that can be worn throughout the year and sustainability by the usage of eco-friendly, comfortable materials, easy to maintain.

With its flexible apparel line, Krie Design respects individual styling preferences of different target groups and over the years, it became equally desirable by teenagers, businesswomen, and ladies who age with style.

The core belief

The core belief of Krie Design is, that fashion can be at the same time sustainable and affordable. It is all about making efforts on daily basis and raising awareness in the whole fashion industry.

Materials play a key role in our brand sustainability, so we work with organic cotton, recycled cotton, organic silk, recycled polyester & polyamide, reducing waste, and minimize the energy consumption during the production process.

Sustainability for Krie Design not only means the environment but people too. Our clothing is manufactured in Croatia, where we created a development-focused working environment able to ensure a work-life balance for all our employees. As our collections are of limited editions, when talking about the number of items being produced, waste is minimum to none. Only when items are sold out newly ordered is being manufactured in house & in cooperation with third party suppliers that share our values.

Our partners are mainly producers/factories from which we buy leftover fabrics (too low quantities, balk materials, defaults, or defects in the fabric itself, etc), that would otherwise go to waste.

This principle of production requires more innovations, higher creativity, and more working hours for dressmaking, but it the core of our brand philosophy we are proud of.

Boutique Gundulićeva 9 Zagreb

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