Kristina Burja: Quality must be affordable, with a long shelf life (Interview)

We talked with the designer and owner of the Krie Design brand, Kristina Burja, about the new collection, the importance of fashion awareness that it promotes with each of its designs, and the question of when the label of ‘environmentally conscious’ on fashion pieces means that.

Kristina Burja Gloria Glam interview

This year are you presenting the collection at GFW, does it differ from the classic fashion week?

Green Fashion Week will have its tenth edition and aims to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable development in the fashion industry with a very big emphasis on ethics and the concept of understanding fashion and its presentation.

What can we expect from the new collection, what are the main features and how is it “green”?

The collection is the inspiration of the style, desire, comfort and deeper message it carries, and these are the fabrics from which it is made, the place where love is created and woven into each piece.

Sustainability is a way of doing business, creating, existing, and we shape trends. My goal was to connect the two. Create special clothes, but also have a deeper purpose and a noble message.

Do you think that all these crises that we are witnessing and that are probably waiting for us could affect fast fashion, that is, its decline?

In this pandemic, the world had to ask itself what is happening to our planet, what its big producers and polluters are, and how much the speed of life and consumerism have affected not only the ecology but also the value system that we (dis) respect. The big fashion houses have already slowed down with a series of collections, which the creatives of these same companies were very happy to accept. Namely, the headless string of collections, with the immense pressures that such business brings, has led to true tragedies that the fashion community remembers, such as the death of the genius Alexander McQuenn. There is great hope that we will return to what has always been supposed to be, that we want quality, thoughtful collections, in the service of permanence, not in the service of transience.

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