Dreamers Yard glamorous collection reminds us to never forget our dreams (Green Fashion Week Milan 2020)

Fashion often reflects the state of society and its values, embellishes reality, but it can also inspire people to dream. This year we are faced with a great crisis, but also had a chance to show the unbreakable spirit. Whatever it is, we must not give up our dreams. Fashion brand Krie Design presented the inspirational new collection ‘Dreamers Yard’ at the 10th Green Fashion Week, the fashion capital of Milan.

Krie Design presented the inspirational new collection 'Dreamers Yard' at the 10th Green Fashion Week, the fashion capital of Milan.

It is an international event that has for years promoted sustainable development in the fashion industry and has been under UN auspices, a designer Kristina Burja is the only Croatian representative and participates in the project since the first edition in 2016 in Abu Dhabi.

On the famous ‘Terrazza 21’, in front of Milan’s Duomo

Kristina’s design and environmental approach to production and all business activities by Agenda 21 of the UN Sustainable Development, has been recognized by the organizers, who are on this year’s GFW-and organize an on-line press conference. According to the epidemiological measures forty media companies were involved in live streaming, at a conference held on the famous ‘Terrazza 21’, in front of Milan’s Duomo. The media have shown great interest in the project which is at the time of corona come into its own because today major fashion manufacturers were forced to slow down mass production in factories around the world, and it is known that the textile mass production one of the biggest polluters of the planet.

Kristina is on the whole project and its collection of spoken and television Fashion TV.

“We can not change the world in one day, but we can talk and promote values that are beneficial both for the planet and for the people who are in this industry extremely vulnerable when we talk about the inhumane working conditions of mass production of textiles on a global level. Collections must last longer.

When choosing clothes you have to wonder where it comes from clothes you want to buy and who it is produced, and in what circumstances? It is important to be ethically aware and environmentally responsible.

Take an interest in the story of the brand, the creation you will love for years. Buy clothing made to last, not one created that is as soon as you need to replace. Trends have become quieter because a lot of the other voices need to be strengthened. This is exactly my motto while creating collections that are high quality, unique and affordable and produced with love in Croatia. “

– said Kristina at the conference and showed creations that exude the glamor of cult giants and hedonism that fashionist desire.

Dreamers Yard Collection

Coats, jackets oversized, interesting belts like corset, garments breathtaking and unavoidable combination of leather by which the designer Kristina recognizable make a new collection called Dreamers Yard.

Looking at the photos signed by photographer Vittorio La Fata understand that fashion is exceptional emotion and conveys the message. New collections are a window into the future, but we fall in love with creation in an instant.

“The point of fashion is individualism, I always believe in the idea of timeless elegance and pieces that last, that are inherited”

– concluded Kristina Burja, who presented only a part of the novelties in Milan and in a few days announces a big fashion surprise and interesting collaboration.

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