[O]djela: Croatian writers in the Krie Design campaign

In the Croatian Book Month, the Croatian fashion brand Krié unites creativity, literary and fashion with an innovative approach and inspiring story.

To the project works and connects fashion designer Kristina Burja and writers Andrea Andrassy, ​​Ružica Ašćić, Emina Pršić, Korana Serdarević, and Maja Šimleša, stand out on the literary scene with their works.

Like it or not, the choice of our clothes and the way we wear them says a lot about us as persons.

The project arose as a desire to question how important the first visual impression we leave on others is, have beautiful book covers become crucial for the first contact with the reader?

Like it or not, the choice of our clothes and the way we wear them says a lot about us as persons. It is not a question of fashion and trends, but which messages, consciously or unconsciously, are sent by fashion choices, just as book covers on their covers can reveal a lot to the reader.

Fashion designer Kristina Burja gives the suits a special feature with statement details that separate them from what has already been seen but also tell the story of the woman who wears them.

“I am very glad that the project, in the interior of the Fraktura bookstore, created beautiful photographs of successful writers in Krie suits, whose works shape our everyday life, stimulate our imagination. This is exactly what I do, creating clothes that provoke the reaction of women around the world. The name of the project work was created through a play on words, and we talk about the importance of what we say through works, but also suits that are an extension of the personality. ”- explained designer Kristina Burja, who is also preparing a new collection.

It will be presented to the fashion audience in Switzerland at the Green Fashion Week at the end of November.

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